Private Cloud

At Trimax, we believe that a Private Cloud is not just a Data Center – it’s the evolution of a data center. We aim to achieve a result as close to utopia as possible - a self sustainable, autonomous data center, complete with security, self service, automation, provisioning, visibility and the tools to monitor performance, usage and cost, coupled with a means to manage your computational assets easily and holistically.


  • Infrastructure as a Service
      -- Expose a controlled portal to users
      -- Managed Access
      -- Built-In Approval Workflows
      -- Cost Show-back
      -- Resource management

  • Expose most services with APIs as a service
      -- Active Directory User Accounts-as-a-service
      -- Databases-as-a-service
      -- Exchange Accounts-as-a-service
      -- All delivered through vCloud Automation Center


  • Your DC At-a-Glance with a Weather Map, indicating immediate problem areas
  • Identify opportunities to improve efficiency
  • Allow Analytics to understand what a real anomaly is
  • Eliminate “Alert Storms” – only get alerts for anomalies that matter
  • Leverage “What-If?” scenarios - determine the impact of Data Center, Cluster and Host Changes

Automation & Orchestration

  • Improve efficiency by orchestrating manual tasks with visual workflows
  • Automate multiple scripts from a single master
  • Transform provisioning processes – make your processes more efficient
  • Get your staff to spend time innovating, instead of “keeping the lights on”
  • Integrate multiple systems easily, and tie in costing, approvals, cmdb, asset management systems, IPAM through a single portal

Visibility & Transparency

  • Show business users what it costs internally, and leverage show-back and chargeback – at request time
  • Understand what your data center is costing you with ITBM
  • Understand TCO – tie in operational costs with licenses to get a total cost view for your Datacenter
  • Want to move your datacenter into the cloud? Vice Versa? Easily compare costs comparison between Amazon, vCloud Air and Azure, as well as your provate cloud

Private Clouds: IaaS & PaaS

Trimax Americas offers private cloud consulting and implementation services for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and XaaS (X/Anything as a Service). We have comprehensive experience with both VMware and Microsoft, the leading cloud environments. Our teams are ready to help you turn your visions for private cloud solutions into operational realities. We can design a totally customized, autonomous solution to meet your needs as well as provide turnkey cloud solutions.

Assessment and Deployment

We understand that it can be overwhelming to determine the best products and solutions for your business. Our team will walk you through the products and technologies to find the ones best suited for your needs.

    Trimax Americas has extensive experience in the following services:
  • Assess private clouds via proofs of concepts and test models
  • Design private cloud solutions according to a reference architecture
  • QuickStart programs for VMware vRealize Automation
  • Deliver a Self-Service portal (with Single Sign-On) to users to make service requests, including Virtual Infrastructure
  • Automate and Orchestrate manual tasks using vRealize Orchestrator
  • Assess key system characteristics, including levels of security and performance
  • Automatically generate assets for virtual machines, operating systems, platforms upon provisioning
  • Integrate with systems like CMDB, Asset Management Systems etc, where applicable

Extension and Automation

Our team understands that cloud solutions need to be adaptable to fit companies’ changing needs and to accommodate growth, which is why we have a two phase approach for implementation and extension and automation of the private cloud. Phase I of cloud implementation at Trimax Americas includes features like instance provisioning, security, network and storage configuration. Phase II of the private cloud expands the feature set to include advanced solutions including: orchestration & automation, auto-scaling, auto-monitoring, public cloud connectivity, databases and message queues. Often, this phase also includes integration with other systems at various stages of the process.

Trimax Americas cloud offering includes:

  • Recognize and prioritize private cloud extensions
  • Implement extensions according to a reference architecture
  • Stress test extensions to assess availability, performance and security
  • Enhance Self Service to provide more than just IaaS, but XaaS (e.g. Exchange Mailboxes as a Service, Databases as a Service etc), all from the same portal
  • Integrate with 3rd party or bespoke systems where applicable
  • Document new / enhanced operating procedures, extensions and integrations

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