Remote Infrastructure Management

Today’s businesses is increasingly focused on optimizing their IT infrastructure and related operations to deliver enhanced service levels while ensuring quality and security. Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Service has emerged as a preferred alternative for companies looking to optimize their IT infrastructure.

Trimax Remote Infrastructure Management Service encompasses the full life cycle of IT services, ranging from consulting and design, integration and customization to 24x7x365 management. Trimax offers affordable real-time IT monitoring and preventive maintenance that anticipates potential breakdowns and maximizes service uptime to ensure high availability.

Remote Operation Center Infrastructure :

Physical Infrastructure

  • 7000 Sq. ft. world class facility
  • State-of-art HVAC system
  • N+1 UPS redundancy
  • Automatic DC generator set
  • Separate network operating Center & data centre

Technology Infrastructure

  • Network management tools
  • Redundant network design
  • Multiple ISP connectivity
  • Cluster server architecture
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Web-based dashboard views
  • Plasma screens for monitoring

Security Infrastructure

  • 24X7 physical security
  • Access card-based access control
  • IP surveillance system
  • Firewall friendly infrastructure
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Customer controlled access

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Skilled Resources


24x7x365 availability of SLA driven remote support

Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) through better predictability of IT budgets

Significantly less time, effort and investment required in employing,training retaining skilled IT personnel

Managed entirely by Trimax allowing customers to focus on their core business