Data center Services

Planning & Management

Data Center Strategy 
Capacity Planning &  Performance Management
Systems Management  
Data Center Consolidation  & Migration 
Data Center Operations 
Application Performance Profiling
Cloud Onboarding

Platform Optimization & Virtualization

Server Virtualization (vSphere, Hyper-V, Openstack)
Cloud Computing (Private, Public & Hybrid Clouds)
Virtualized Operations
Database / RDBMS Optimizations
Database Optimization
High Performance Compute Clusters
UNIX to Linux Active Directory

Data Management

Storage Consolidation
Storage Optimization
Data Protection

Facilities Efficiency

Capacity, Efficiency, and Reliability Optimization.
Site Selection
Design / Build
Energy Management


Optimization, Architecture and Security
Performance Tuning
Capacity Planning

Disaster Recovery

Business Impact Assessment
Planning and Architecture
Design & Implement Systems
Program Management
Testing and Compliance
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