Trimax Americas offers an end-to-end integrated solution for Banks, Insurance and Financial Services Companies encompassing the Application , the Infrastructure required to implement, run and manage it on a private or public cloud as well as on-premise along with the Managed IT Services to support and maintain the Solution, Network and Infrastructure.

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Enterprise Software
  • Core Banking Solution
  • CRM solution
  • BI & Analytics Solution
  • Business Excellence platform
  • Payments
  • Custom Application Development
  • Regulatory / FIU Reporting, eBRC Issuance
Data Center Services
  • Data Center Build, Host and Co-location
  • BOT model
  • Managed Services model
Managed IT Services
  • Managed Network Services
  • Application development & support services
  • Hardware & Infrastructure Services
  • Cloud Services

Enterprise Software Solution
  • Core Banking Solution for Co-operative banks – a comprehensive solution covering end-to-end business requirements of UCBs, DCCBs & State Apex banks
  • The modules under CBS include Retail Banking, Trade Finance & Foreign Exchange Business, Head office modules, DCCB and State Apex bank modules. It also includes delivery channels which provide interface to payment gateways, ATM interface to NPC, interface to SMS gateway as well as service enablers like RTGS, NEFT, ATMs

Key benefits
  • Domain led solution covering front, middle and back-office processes across Retail & Corporate Banking Business
  • Best of breed solution implemented in over 80 client offices across the co-operative banking sector
  • CRM Solution – a comprehensive solution meeting contemporary requirements, delivering global best practices of CRM to the segment
  • The solution consists of core functional components right from customer management to collections management including everything in between and also lead management, value of customer relationships, cross-sell engine and more
  • Multi-channel and multi-device support, available on shared services model hosted out of “state-of-the-art” infrastructure. Integration with back-office, SMS, Email and Fax . Accessible through web client and mobile
  • Data intensive CRM model rather than a reactive model. Continuous innovation possible as it comes bundled with Analytics
  • Delivering capability to transform CRM practices from person-based approach to a scalable & professional approach

Business Intelligence and Analytics

A comprehensive performance view of an organization’s financials at the company level, line of business level, and product level through interactive analytics. The Analytics solution covers Financial Performance ( insert space) Analytics , Branch Analytics and Lending Portfolio Analytics

Key benefits
  • It recognizes that the biggest challenge to change is the need for user acceptance and training across the new processes and hence focuses on Collaboration, Learning, Compliance & Performance to ensure that benefits of change are available to the organization in the shortest possible time. This approach also ensures that new changes are introduced in a sustainable and seamless manner
  • Tracks changes in process and intuitively trains users through the new processes. Provides greater flexibility in change management across the enterprise.

Mobile Banking

Our mobile banking solutions enable banks to:

  • Meet changing requirements of urban customers who are increasingly using smart phones and tablets for their banking transactions
  • Tap the huge potential of the rural, remote and unbanked market segments.

Our solutions work seamlessly with the bank’s technology environment and offer the following benefits to banks:

  • Increase customer reach
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and retention by offering better services and a broader portfolio

Trimax Americas mobile banking solution helps banks enable banking services to the rural, remote and unbanked with the following features:

  • Mobile-based rural banking
  • Multi-factor authentication of transactions (Video & Fingerprint)
  • Offline and online Transactions on Mobile Phones
  • Mobile to Mobile Transactions
  • On-the-spot Receipts and Confirmations
  • Additional Value-added Services - Trimax Americas ‘Common Mobility Card’ and Other Solutions
  • Affordable Financial Services to the ‘Unbanked’